Some may say I took the road less travelled by.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a movie buff.
I have also loved the English language, Anglo-Saxon culture, and translation.

So it was a natural step to graduate in English, after passing Audiovisual studies as part of my Baccalaureat. After my degree, I spent several years in England, where I worked in business relations, thus building up on experience, while putting on hold my artistic aspirations !

I still wished to make a career out of movie adaptation, so I grabbed the opportunity of retraining. In order to turn a new corner, I started by taking a subtitling course in Paris. It encouraged me to keep going in this direction !

In the meantime, I built up on experience, translating brochures for trade fairs, and the website of my company (English > French).

Rooted in British culture for years, I have the skills to tailor my translations to best reflect the lexical characteristics of the original version. I soak up English language on a daily basis, finding myself focusing on the dialogue of films and TV series, more than just watching them (My favourites being British humour, and gripping dramas) ! This is the only way to keep up-to-date with language developments, whether in English or French. This ever-changing world of languages is exciting, which makes subtitling work so captivating.

I also offer subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, as I feel very concerned about the accessibility of film.

My intransigence concerning the French language will keep being my leitmotiv.

I wish to play my part in providing quality subtitling, and I offer my services, with the renewed enthusiasm of a new career… Looking forward to working with you soon !

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